Without Explanation

It was going to be the trip of a lifetime. An enchanting trek through the Guatemalan jungle, viewing the mystical Mayan Ruins, a breath-stealing sunset from atop an ancient temple, a magical entourage of a million fireflies. Then suddenly our wonderful adventure became a nightmare.

What followed was a roller coaster of hope and despair that would span the longest days of my life. As we frantically fought for my wife’s life, we found ourselves far from the necessities we took for granted at home. Amid the heartbreaking twists and turns, though, were encounters with brave and selfless people who made a lasting impression during this horrific time.

Without Explanation is a true story. It’s a story of anticipated adventure and remarkable courage, of heartache and disbelief, and of hope and fear. And at its very core, it’s at once a life-altering tragedy and a story of love and devotion.

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I’ve been truly humbled by the immensely powerful reactions from so many people. Below are a handful of the comments received.

“Very powerful, I couldn’t put it down. Your story is compelling and chilling and heartbreaking and riveting, I was deeply moved….” 

—Beta Reader

“The writing kept me captivated and wanting to know what was going to happen next. Sincerely open and at times raw, I wanted to read more. Your words create a realistic scenario that I can visualize in my mind….”

—Beta Reader

“It’s unique, unlike anything I have ever read, extremely engaging….”

—Beta Reader

About Valerie

Valerie grew up on a dairy farm in Idaho. The youngest of six siblings, she learned early on the lessons of hard work and dedication to others. She always loved to travel, and making new friends

was easy for her wherever she went. After she received a Bachelor’s from Idaho State University, she first moved to Canada, then Australia and then with Rod, moved to Minnesota. Besides raising three children, she was the consummate volunteer at school, church, sports events and various

organizations within her community. Valerie had a gift of empathy and lived to help others.

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email-iconWithout Explanation, and everything that it encompasses, has been a significant part of my life for many years and I’d welcome sharing it with you. Whether you have a question about the book, would like to share your own personal experience with an unexpected or tragic loss, or just want to say hello, I’d love to hear from you. Contact ROD JASMER